Paul O’Gorman Building, University College London,
72 Huntley Street, London, WC1E 6DD
United Kingdom

The Witney Group at UCL's Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging. Specialising in the development of advanced cancer imaging tools.

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Molecular Imaging

Developing the next generation of cancer imaging agents


We are interested in the discovery and development of new PET and MR methods to image tumour metabolism and the downstream effect of targeted therapeutics.  

The development of a new generation of molecular imaging techniques focuses on cancer detection, assess the efficacy of novel and preexisting cancer therapeutics, and help describe the fundamental biological mechanisms that drive treatment resistance.


LATEST NEWS: Following our recent paper on tumour redox imaging our latest paper in Clinical Cancer Research shows that PET imaging of the cellular antioxidant response can be used to predict response to therapy. Congrats to Hannah on her paper!



Our projects span the disciplines of oncology, biochemistry and the physical sciences. 

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Our research is published in high-impact scientific journals.

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Our multidisciplinary group is part of KCL’s Department of Imaging Chemistry and Biology.

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A summary of our recent research findings in easy to digest chunks of science! 

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