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The Witney Group at UCL's Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging. Specialising in the development of advanced cancer imaging tools.




Welcome all to my new Science blog!

My name is Tim Witney and I'm a biologist working at Imperial College London on new methods to detect and monitor Cancer.  Over the next few months I hope to give a brief introduction to how we can gain valuable information on one of the World's most deadly diseases using new and exciting imaging techniques.  Where a simple x-ray can be used to detect a broken bone, these new methods are being developed to detect cancer itself and subsequently whether the cancer responds to treatment.

I hope to try and explain some of the work that I have published in a simple fashion that is easy to understand. Traditionally, the science community has found this quite hard work, so please bear with me.

While I'm at it, I should point you in the direction of the Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Website: where you can find more information on the work we do, along with my own personal site: